Wallet Cashback Bank Transfer Process

Here is our tutorial video.

Follow the below procedure -

  1. Visit this link: Click Here
  2. Write Recipient's Name, Recipient's e-mail, Your Name, Your e-mail. All details should be own details.
  3. Now select Gift Certificate Theme as Bank Transfer.
  4. In the Message box, just write your own bank a/c number and IFSC code where you want to receive money. If you don't want to disclose your own bank a/c details, then just write your correct UPI address and UPI name.
  5. Now write Amount which you want to withdraw from your wallet.
  6. Then provide TICK MARK this option "I understand that gift certificates are non-refundable" and click Continue button.
  7. Now you will see this message: "Thank you for purchasing a gift certificate! Once you have completed your order your gift voucher recipient will be sent an e-mail with details how to redeem their gift voucher."
  8. Now click again Continue button.
  9. Click Checkout button.
  10. Now fill up your billing details and click Continue button. But exact house address not required.
  11. Now select "PayUMoney Checkout" option.
  12. Then give TICK MARK here "I have read and agree to the Delivery Information" and click Continue.
  13. Now click Confirm Order and then you will be redirected to PayUmoney payment gateway.
  14. Go to Wallet option and choose your preferred wallet to complete payment.

  • Minimum transaction amount should be Rs.9/-
  • After successful payment, you will get your money as soon as possible or maximum 24 hours.
  • If you choose PayUmoney, you will get your money after deducting 3% payment gateway charges and if you choose aiodweb Pay, then payment gateway charges will be 4% + Rs.3/- per withdrawal.

We are trying to bring Amazon Pay Balance and Phone Pe cashback bank withdraw option. Till then use our above system.

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